Apple’s next approach to music revolution

We have to always remember Apple is a company that need to win market shares and to sell to keep going by introducing new products even if it is based on an existing technology at least they present it with a new perspective to make it fun and easy to be used by the average consumers.

Apple always claim that music is at the core of its business, yet lately I have to say that nothing new came from Apple, that made a good space to a new comers like Spotify to jump in and be really successful.

However, there is something Apple is trying to do, as usual it is new (exists but they will present it in a new way) and will be the new money machine.

I believe it will be the HD audio music format, but why?

First, it is new area where Apple can offer a better and more attractive product for the consumers.

Second, it is the new money machine, as Apple will sell both HD music and a new Hardware.


Let us go back in time to 2012 when Apple introduced the Lightning connector to its new iOS devices, it is easy to use, modern, smaller, durable, designed so it will be plugged in-and-out many times and (mark this well) it is a digital connector which opens doors to a new set of devices to be connected to the iOS device and probably to make only specific type devices able to plugged to it.

In 2014 Apple bought “Beats Electronics LLC” that are famous for BeatAudio and BeatMusic.


So, what is all this about? How will Apple combine all this to make more money if we look at this from Apple’s perspective?

Remember that Apple’s small earbuds will not match BeatAudio headphones when it comes to Audio listening experience, so there is a space to sell Apple branded Headphones that is already has a well-established market worldwide.

The HD Audio format will need such headphones, as you will not really enjoy it with the bundled Apple’s small earbuds.

The digital connector (Lightning connector) in the iOS devices will be useful to have a high quality DACs decoding the HD Audio format to beautiful and clear quality digital signal.

Would it be logical to see BeatAudio headphones made by Apple contain DACs for the new HD Audio format and uses the digital connector (Lightning connector) to enjoy the music?

I would not be surprised, as it will make people buy the HD Audio music and the new headphones, as well as licensing that to HiFi Music/Audio Hardware manufacturer.

Would we see iOS devices with HD Audio DACs build right in? And, the only way to use the build in DAC is through the Lightning connector? Are we going to see some new headphones by Apple with only Lightning connector designed only for HD Audio format?


All we have is to wait and see if this going to happen.

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